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Event Promoter

Overview your entire festival in one central hub for tasks and project management.

Create complex line ups at multiple venues and stages. Share real time data with your team, freelancers and volunteers. Always stay in sync and never miss a thing. Move fast and get things done.

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Artist Manager

Take your artist management logistics to the next level with our intelligent software and automated workflows.

Handle all aspects or artist communication, advancing and information in one place, tailored to your festival branding and specific event needs through our powerful artist website.

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Accreditations Manager

Handle accreditation for various types of access from partners and crew into one channel.

Review and approve all credentials being used throughout your event including meal vouchers, press passes, production assets, .. Reduce data entry and easily control access (including RFID integration).

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We are the digital gaffer tape
for your festival

BeatSwitch is always there when you need it, keeping everything in its place. Your stage managers’ change over-sheets that you used to attach to black cloth with gaffer tape? They’re in BeatSwitch now.

Reliable and robust, from the box office to the stage, just like the tape, we’re assisting your team members in doing an awesome job. Anywhere, anytime, on any device.

BeatSwitch modules

Artist Management

Stop advancing artists like it’s 1999. Gather information through a dedicated artist website that is tailored to your festival branding and specific event needs. No more manual data entry!

Save precious time and gain much-needed overview with our automated workflows. Generate and send itineraries in bulk to all stakeholders with the touch of a button.

Accreditations Management

Manage press, crew, guests, with complete overview and peace of mind. Streamline all applications through a dedicated production website, approve and alert appliers within minutes.

Assign vouchers and parking passes, allocate and track your event’s assets with our advanced asset management platform, and keep a clear overview of the costs.

Mobile App

The very first mobile app for festival promoters.
No more running around with a stack of printouts in one hand and a walkie talkie in the other. Push notifications keep your entire team up to date.

A mobile-friendly overview of your festival allows you to anticipate issues wherever you are, rather than having to fix them.

all modules include

  • Smart CRM: never retype or copy-paste a contact’s info again
  • Downloadable reports and gain actionable insights
  • File management: keep a centralized overview of all your documents
  • Tasks - and project management features, built for teams
  • Permissions management to allow for a wide variety of festival roles
  • 24/7 live chat support to answer all your questions

"BeatSwitch is the only software that does what it says and always continues to evolve with the latest technology”

Max Coppens - CEO

"Thank heaven for BeatSwitch! It has seriously changed our life and it will change yours too!"

Amber Valdez - Artist Manager

"This software has made an enormous difference to the entire festival operation. It has ensured accuracy, cut out duplication, and made it possible for our artist team to get the job done in much less time."

Veronica Ooi - Talent Buyer

"We’re delighted to be partnering with BeatSwitch. With a brand new event, their technology has helped streamline artist administration and management considerably"

Alice Berry - Event Producer

"BeatSwitch moved our activities to a whole new level. Well-structured, neat design, great service and a facilitated work flow. We would recommend it to everyone!"

Lara Goldsworthy - Head of Communications at Kopf & Steine GmbH

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