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Artist Management

Stop advancing artists like it’s 1999. Gather information through a dedicated artist website that is tailored to your festival branding and specific event needs. No more manual data entry!

Save precious time and gain much-needed overview with our automated workflows. Generate and send itineraries in bulk to all stakeholders with the touch of a button.


Use the accreditations website to gather all applications and other requests like meals and vouchers via one channel and one channel only. Quickly approve applications and send passes with one click.

Manage accreditations for every person at your festival that doesn’t come in through the main entrance. Gather all information and allocate accreditation the way you prefer.

Crew & Volunteers

Coordinate crews and volunteers from start to finish through customizable forms that carry your branding.
With all data entered directly into the system, ready to use when you need it.

Keep track of personal and technical requirements, such as meals, asset orders or t-shirt sizes. Streamline your workflow by setting accreditation limits.

BeatSwitch, your digital production office

Intuitive event setup

Create days, stages and locations within minutes with the drag-and-drop timetable builder and start booking immediately. Transform your entire festival into manageable projects with clear predefined user permissions and to do’s. Add your entire team to the system and assign the tasks to the right users.

Intelligent CRM

Quickly create different profiles for all your contacts with our intelligent CRM system. Artists, Agents, Crews, Partners,... and their specific data and information will be stored in your account forever. Never lose contact information or riders again and retrieve it in the blink of an eye.

The Production Website

The production website is the beating heart of your festival production. You use it to streamline your artists advancing back and forth and retrieve all applications and other essential data from crews, volunteers, vendors, partners and many more in a structured manner, finally! It’s the most powerful and time consuming tool to use in the whole production process and it will vastly shrink your email inbox.

We take the email out of teamwork

Collaborate harder, better faster, stronger

BeatSwitch is designed to centralise everything and everything into one place. It creates a working environment to collaborate better and offers all necessary tools for every role in your festival management team.

A dedicated tasks overview and mobile notifications keep everybody in sync.
Centralized file management enables your team to access information from one single place.

Manage user permissions

Just like on the festival site, not everyone needs to have access to everything. Assign our standard set of user permissions to the right members in your team. The perfect way to boost productivity by keeping everyone focused on their tasks.

Create specific user roles for temporary team members and freelancers to give them only access to the data and dashboards they need and keep them away from what they absolutely don’t need.

The first mobile app for event promoters

Manage your team and festival operations, wherever you are. get rid of the overload of walkie-talkies and printouts by visualized information that fits in your back pocket.

With the BeatSwitch mobile app you’re always in sync and connected with your whole team. Whether you’re on site, in your office, on the road or at the bar.

Organizing an event: 80% Music, 20% Data.

Smart Data Storage

The BeatSwitch cloud based solution provides festival teams a centralized place they can trust to store everything in a structured way, and quickly collect it when needed.

Analytics Customized for you

Get easy-to-use, actionable insights from reports specially built for festival teams. Keep track of costs, transports, and more, with clear and visualized data.

Improve Your Team Performance

Monitor all efforts from your team and use the activity log to optimize the collaboration and boost productivity. Keep track of all tasks and projects in one place.

"BeatSwitch is the only software that does what it says and always continues to evolve with the latest technology”

Max Coppens - CEO Complent.us

"Thank heaven for BeatSwitch! It has seriously changed our life and it will change yours too!"

Amber Valdez - Artist Manager

"This software has made an enormous difference to the entire festival operation. It has ensured accuracy, cut out duplication, and made it possible for our artist team to get the job done in much less time."

Veronica Ooi - Talent Buyer

"We’re delighted to be partnering with BeatSwitch. With a brand new event, their technology has helped streamline artist administration and management considerably"

Alice Berry - Event Producer

"BeatSwitch moved our activities to a whole new level. Well-structured, neat design, great service and a facilitated work flow. We would recommend it to everyone!"

Lara Goldsworthy - Head of Communications at Kopf & Steine GmbH

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