The Perfect Way of Managing Artists at Your Festival

Cover the whole Artist Management Workflow

Drag & Drop line-up creator

The perfect tool for talent buyers and artist managers to create concept line-ups within minutes.

Once all bookings confirmed you have your festival blueprint to start advancing.

Automate your advancing process

Construct and monitor your own custom workflow to manage artists from the booking request to showtime.

Create and assign automated tasks to your teams, set-up email templates, and send one-click itineraries.

Set deadlines & lock dates

Set deadlines and lock dates for agents and tour manager to make sure they deliver all necessary content right on time.

Never miss a new version of a rider again.

The Artist Website, the center of your
Artist Advancing

Connect all stakeholders

One portal website for your contacts to upload all you need. Connect and share all essential information between the artist manager and artist side and overview or download everything you need in bulk.

Instant output for your team


Manage your event’s transportation in one single dashboard.

Push real time updates to your drivers and get notifications when incoming flights are delayed. All aboard!


Plan, organise and control all production activities.

A centralized place for your production crew and stage managers to prepare for production


Draw the data from the cloud for easy reporting. Generate comprehensive overviews of guest list, accommodation, artist lookbooks, contact lists, parking passes, ...

Have actionable documents to brief all people before show days.

"BeatSwitch is the only software that does what it says and always continues to evolve with the latest technology”

Max Coppens - CEO

"Thank heaven for BeatSwitch! It has seriously changed our life and it will change yours too!"

Amber Valdez - Artist Manager

"This software has made an enormous difference to the entire festival operation. It has ensured accuracy, cut out duplication, and made it possible for our artist team to get the job done in much less time."

Veronica Ooi - Talent Buyer

"We’re delighted to be partnering with BeatSwitch. With a brand new event, their technology has helped streamline artist administration and management considerably"

Alice Berry - Event Producer

"BeatSwitch moved our activities to a whole new level. Well-structured, neat design, great service and a facilitated work flow. We would recommend it to everyone!"

Lara Goldsworthy - Head of Communications at Kopf & Steine GmbH

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