Accreditation Management, from the box office to the production HQ

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Cover the whole Accreditation Management Workflow

The Accreditations Website

Fully customize and standardize your accreditation process for press, vip, crew, and more. Create unique application forms per access type to gather all the data the way that you need it.

Easily send back tickets, plannings, briefings, and vouchers through the portal website to the right access types and always have everybody up to date and in sync.

Box Office and Scannable Technology

Make life simple for your people at the Box Office: If your name is not in BeatSwitch, you’re not on the list.

Using RFID or a barcode system at your festival? No problem, BeatSwitch can be synced with all scannable technologies.

Stop losing time on data entry

Allocate accreditations one by one or in bulk. The choice is all yours.

Mobile-friendly tools to quickly approve or change accreditations onsite.

Divide your festival into zones

All Areas, The Holy Grail in the land of accreditations.
But, not everyone needs to be able to access every corner of the festival.

Divide your festival into zones and attach them to the right acces type. Decide from the start who has access to which parts.

Manage Meals & Assets

Allocate all meal and catering vouchers and provide your catering teams with the expected amount of meals on any moment.

Automatically build lists of production assets and assign them to zoned areas or staff. Always keep track of them during production.

One-click-approval and changes

Structurizing all essential personal information and data like meal & asset requests from all credentials, is a time consuming and boring job.

Let applicants do the work for you. Sit back and watch the data come pouring in, automatically stored into BeatSwitch, ready to use when you need it.

"BeatSwitch is the only software that does what it says and always continues to evolve with the latest technology”

Max Coppens - CEO

"Thank heaven for BeatSwitch! It has seriously changed our life and it will change yours too!"

Amber Valdez - Artist Manager

"This software has made an enormous difference to the entire festival operation. It has ensured accuracy, cut out duplication, and made it possible for our artist team to get the job done in much less time."

Veronica Ooi - Talent Buyer

"We’re delighted to be partnering with BeatSwitch. With a brand new event, their technology has helped streamline artist administration and management considerably"

Alice Berry - Event Producer

"BeatSwitch moved our activities to a whole new level. Well-structured, neat design, great service and a facilitated work flow. We would recommend it to everyone!"

Lara Goldsworthy - Head of Communications at Kopf & Steine GmbH

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