Crowdbase integration

We offer integrations with Ticketing, Mobile app, CRM & File Storage providers

Your data driven festival starts here
Your data driven festival starts here

Seamless Integration

  • Data-driven lineup

    Want to know the listening behavior of your fans? No problem just connect Beatswitch Mobile with Crowdbase and we give you insights in all Spotify data of you festival visitors.

  • Sponsorship Marketplace

    Want to know what the most favorited brands are among your visitors? Connect Beatswitch Mobile and Crowdbase and we provide you with the most liked pages and the brands with the highest affinity between fan and festival.

  • Fan CRM

    Want to centralise all your fan data? Connect Crowdbase with all your festival data streams to get a global overview of your fan base. Ticketing, RFID, merchandise, streaming, social, we can provide it all.

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